Congress-led Karnataka government plans new education policy, rejects NEP

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The Karnataka government, led by Congress, has decided to replace the National Education Policy (NEP) introduced by the previous BJP-led government. Instead, they will create a new state education policy to ensure quality education. Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar announced this decision, stating that NEP was rushed into implementation. The state aims to develop its education policy, emphasizing primary education. A committee will be formed to formulate the new policy. Several BJP-ruled states haven’t embraced NEP, while states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu have rejected it.
Congress-led Karnataka government plans new education policy, rejects NEP
Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar.

NEW DELHI: The government of Karnataka, led by the Congress party, has decided not to follow the National Education Policy (NEP) created by the previous BJP-led government. Instead, they want to make a new education policy for the state to provide good education.
The Deputy Chief Minister, DK Shivakumar, said that they had a meeting with important people in education to discuss this. Other states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu also didn’t like the NEP. In Karnataka, they quickly started using it, but now they want to change it.

The deputy chief minister explained that they will have a new education policy starting next year. They will make a committee to work on this. He also said that many people from Karnataka do well in jobs because of their education system. The Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, said that they need more time to prepare for a new policy and they will continue using the old system until the new one is ready.

The chief minister also said that education is something each state should decide. They want to make a policy that fits the state’s needs. They believe that the NEP was made without asking states for their opinion. The chief minister thinks that making everyone follow the same education rules won’t work well in a country like India.
In another meeting, they talked about giving laptops to students from specific groups. The government want to help these students with their education. Many important people were part of these meetings, including education officials and university leaders.


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