Corporate Governance – Dr. Vidyadhara Hegde S.

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                                                                 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE

Module I 
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE –Meaning and definitions, Evolution of Corporate Governance – Ancient and Modern Concept, Scope of Corporate Governance, Principles of Corporate Governance, Factor Influencing Corporate Governance, Strategies of Corporate Governance, Benefits of Corporate Governance, Models of Corporate Governance,
Corporate Governance Rating, Transparency and Corporate Governance, Best Practices of Corporate Governance, Value Creation through Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism and Changing Role of Institutional Investor, Challenges in Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Corporate
Governance and Economic Performance, Corporate Social Responsibilities and Good Corporate Citizenship.

Module II 
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ISSUES – Corporate Governance Issues in various Managerial Decisions, Corporate Business Ownership Structure, Codes of Corporate Governance, Committees on Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance Legislation- Need, Provisions in Companies Act, 2013, Securities (Contracts and Regulations) Act, 1956 (SCRA), Depositories Act 1996, Securities and Exchange Board of India Act 1992, Corporate Governance Reforms, Board Committees – Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, Shareholders’ Grievance Committee, Other Committees, Disclosures in Annual Report; Integrity of Financial Reporting Systems, Role of Professionals in Board
Committees, Role of Company Secretaries in Compliance of Corporate Governance. Corporate Scandals, Common Wealth Association for Corporate Governance (CACG), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


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