Financial Accounting – III B.S Raman

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Chapter– I : Partnership Accounts:                                  10 Hrs.
Admission of a Partner.

Chapter– II : Partnership Accounts:                                10 Hrs.
Retirement of a Partner.

Chapter– III : Partnership Accounts:                              10 Hrs.
Admission -cum- Retirement.

Chapter – IV : Partnership Accounts:                             10 Hrs.
Death of a Partner, Joint Life Policy and Individual Policies

Chapter– V : Partnership Accounts:                                10 Hrs.
Dissolution of Partnership Firms (Excluding Garner Vs.
Simple Dissolution – Insolvency (Capital loss to be borne
in the agreed ratios)

Chapter – VI : Partnership Accounts:                             10 Hrs.
Sale of Partnership firm to a Limited Company – Entries in
the Firm, gradual realisation of Assets and Piece Meal
distribution of cash (Proportionate Capital Method only).


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