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                      MARKETING MANAGEMENT

Unit -I : Marketing                                                           (12 hrs.)
Importance, Nature and Scope of Marketing; Importance
of Marketing; Marketing Concepts-Traditional, Modern,
Evolution; Selling Vs Marketing; Functions of Marketing

Unit – II : Marketing Mix                                                 
(12 hrs.)

PRODUCT; Meaning, Definitions, Concepts, Types
(Consumer and Industrial goods), Product Planning and
Development; Product Life Cycle, Elements of Product
Mix (Branding, Packaging, Labelling. After Sales Service)
PRICE : Meaning, Definition, Importance of Price, Factors
affecting price of a product/service, Methods.

Unit – III : Marketing Mix (Continued)                           (12 hrs.)
Distribution Channels and Physical Distribution:
Meaning, Definition, Types, Factors affecting choice of a
distribution channel, Marketing Intermediaries. Physical
Distribution of goods-Types of Distribution Functions,
Components of Physical Distribution, Importance of
Physical Distribution Management.
PROMOTION: Meaning, Promotion Mix, Advertising,
Meaning, Characteristics; Personal Selling, Meaning,
functions of salesman, Sales Promotion: Meaning, Tools
Public Relations.

Unit – IV : Rural Marketing                                           (12 hrs.)
Definition of Rural area, Importance, Nature and Scope,
Rural Consumer, Characteristics, Attitudes and
Behaviour, Buying Patterns and Influences, Segmenting
Rural Markets.

Unit – V : Services Marketing                                        (12 hrs.)
Nature and Types of Services, Difference between
services and goods marketing, Service market
segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Marketing of
Financial, Hospitality and Educational Services


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