Business Management Process – Vidyadhara Hegde S., Naveena.

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                                                 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT PROCESS

                                                                  Module: I Introduction
Meaning and importance of Management; Role and responsibilities of top, middle and lower management. Functions of management. Challenges of Management in the context of a new era.
                                                                      Module: II Planning
Concept – Significance – types of planning. Organizing: Concept – significance – process –Formal and informal organizations. Organizational design. Departmentation: advantages and disadvantages. Span of Control. Delegation of authority. Delegation Vs. decentralization. Line and Staff Positions – Committees.
                                                                      Module: III Staffing 
Meaning and importance of staffing. Recruitment – Selection – interviewing – induction. Leadership: Meaning – importance of leadership. Leadership Styles. Motivation: Meaning – importance of motivation. Communication: Meaning – importance –problems of communication. Barriers of Communication – Measures towards effective communication. Controlling – Importance – process – problems of controlling. Requirements of effective control. Preventive and overall controls.


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