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Unit 1 :Formulation of Simple Simultaneous Equation and their Solution 12 hrs.
Quadratic – equations- solution of quadratic equation by factors and by formula; Matrices- Type Basic Concepts addition- substraction – multiplication; Determinants – value of determinant – solving simultaneous equation (with two and three variables) by Cramer’s rule.

Unit 2 : Minors and Cofactors of Matrices : 12 hrs.
Adjoint of a matrix, inverse of a matrix – solving simultaneous equations (with two and three variables) by matrix inverse method; Progression- Arithmetic Progression – definition- nth term – sum of n terms – three numbers in AP; Geometric Progression- Definition – nth term – sum of a n terms three numbers in GP – Practical problems related to AP and GP.

Unit 3: Ratio : 12 hrs.
Proportion – Direct Proportion- inverse proportion; Simple interest – payment by installment -True discount Bankers discount and Bankers gain – equated due date; Trade discount- cash discount – invoice price and selling price.

Unit 4 : Logarithms 12 hrs.
Definition – Laws of Logarithms (without proof) common logarithms – antilogarithms – mathematical calculations using common logarithms; compound interest – Formula for compound interest- interest payable half yearly or quarterly – interest for fraction of a period, nominal and effective rates; Annuities – Amount of an immediate annuity and annuity due, present value of annuity immediate and annuity due present values of perpetuity due and perpetuity immediate


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