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Unit 1 : Introduction to Statistics : Definitions – functios and limitations – primar y data – method of collection,
secondary data and sources – Classification – Prequency Distribution- Types of series Tabulation – Types- Tabulation – Blank tables – Diagrammetical presentation – Bar Diagram- Frequency graphs- histogram and ogives

Unit 2 : Measures of Central Tendency : Mean, Median, Mode, Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean – their merits
demerits and uses; Measures of dispersion – Range, Quar tile deviation, Mean deviation and Standard deviation- their relative measures (coefficients) – Exploratory data analysis – The stem and leaf chart – Box plot chart.

Unit 3 : Correlation Analysis : Meaning and types – Karl Pearson’s Correlation and Spearman’s Rank correlation
coefficient (with and without ties) – Regression analysis – Meaning – regression equations- proper ties of regression coefficients-estimation using regression equations.

Unit 4 : Time Series : Components – studying trend by moving averages and method of least squares (linear trend
only)Merits and demerits of these methods; Index Numbers – Price Index Number – Laspeyre’s, Paasche’s and Fisher’s index numbers – Consumer price index number – Linear Programming – Formulation – Solving LPP by graphical method.


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