Commercial Law – B.S. Raman

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                                                                                  COMMERCIAL LAW
Unit -I : Nature and Significance of Law 
Branches of Law- Sources of Mercantile Law – Law of contract – Definition. Difference between Agreement and Contract, essential of Contract- Types of contract based on formation, performance, enforceability; Offer – Meaning, types- Rules governing offer. Meaning of cross offer, Meaning of Standing offer, Meaning of Tender; Acceptance – meaning and types, Essentials of valid acceptance.
Unit – II : Consideration
Meaning-Rules governing consideration-Stranger to a contract cannot sue and its exceptions- Exceptions to the rule “no
consideration no contract”. Capacity to contract – Minor – effects of minor’s agreement. Persons of unsound mind – Legal incapacity; Free consent – Coercion – Undue influence – Fraud – Misrepresentation – Mistake. Differences between Coercion and Undue influence, Differences between Misrepresentation and Fraud.
Unit – III : Legality of Object
Meaning – Unlawful objects -objects forbidden by law, objects defeating the provisions of law, fraudulent objects, objects injurious to person or property, immoral objects. Agreements opposed to public policy; Discharge of Contract -Modes of discharge – Breach of Contract – Remedies for breach of contract -Wagering agreement and contingent contract (Meaning only) Quasi contract- meaning and types.
Unit – IV : Negotiable Instruments Act 
Meaning, features and presumptions. Bills of Exchange, PromissoryNote and Cheque (meaing – form or specimen, features and differences) Crossing – (meaning and types only) – dishonor of Cheque under Section 138; Intellectual Property Rights- Meaning – Patents- Trade Marks – Copy Rights- Industrial designs.
Unit – V : Information Technology Act 
Objectives – Digital signature (meaning only) – Cyber Crimes – Meaning, legal provisions- Crimes against Persons – Crimes against


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