E-Commerce – Mrs. Seema Prabhu S., Mrs. Reshmi B.R.

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Unit 1: Introduction to E-Commerce: 
Introduction to E-Commerce – Definition, History of E-commerce, Functions and Scope, Difference between E-Commerce & E-Business, Comparison of Traditional Commerce and E-Commerce and Advantages & Disadvantages of E-Commerce.

Unit 2: E-Commerce business models: 
E-Commerce Models: Business to Business (B2B) Model, Business to Customer (B2C) Model, Consumer-to Consumer
(C2C) Model, Consumer-to-Business (C2B) Model, Peer to Peer, (P2P) Model – Emerging trends.

Unit 3: E-Commerce and ITES Tools: 
Web Server – Internet – World Wide Web, Web hosting choices, Concept and scope of BPO, KPO, LPO, ERP and Utility Blogging (Theory only).

Unit 4: E-Commerce Techniques: 
Hosting a product – Direct or Online Platform, Stages in Buying a product on the internet, Web Auctions, Virtual Communities, Portals, E-business revenue models.


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