Event Management and Public Relations – Ponnappa A.M & Chitravathy K. K

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                                                  EVENT MANAGEMENT AND PUBLIC RELATIONS

Unit I:  Introduction to Event Management
Definition of Event, Characteristics of Events, Type of Events, Meaning and Definition of Event Management, Five C’s of Event Management, Need for Event Management, Analysis of Events, SWOT Analysis in Event Management, Key Decision Makers, Managing Technical Staff, Establishing policies and procedures of an event, Procedures to be
followed in conducting of events, Record keeping systems, Benefits of record keeping system, Types of record keeping system, Steps for Developing record keeping systems.

Unit II: Event Management Procedure
Principles for Holding an Event, General Details, Permissions-Policies, Government and Local Authorities-Phonographic Performance, License, Utilities-Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Catering, Electricity, Water, Taxes Applicable.

Unit III:  Conduct of an event
Preparing a Planning Schedule, Organizing and Staffing, Assigning Responsibility, Communication and Budget of Event-Checklist, Computer-Aided Event Management, Roles and Responsibilities of Event Managers for Different Events.

Unit IV: Public relations:
Introduction to Public Relations-Concept-Nature-Importance- Limitations-Media-Types of Media-Media Management, Public Relation Strategy and Planning. Brainstorming Sessions, Writings for Public Relations.

Unit V:  Corporate events
Planning of Corporate Event, Job Responsibility of Corporate Events Organizer, Arrangements, Budgeting, Safety of Guests and Participants, Creating Blueprint, Need for Entertainment in Corporate Events and Reporting.


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