Management Principles – B. S Raman

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                     PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT
Introduction of management thought, process and concepts –
Managerial skills-Management:                                     12 Hrs.
Science or Art-Profession-
Development of Management Thought –
Apprroaches to
Management (in brief) – Fredrick. W. Taylor & Scientic
Management – Henry Fayol & his contributions. – Contributions
of Peter F. Drucker.

UNIT II :                                                                            12 Hrs.
Planning – Definition, Meaning, Importance – Types of Planning –
Process of Planning-Making Planning Effective -Types of Plans.
Management by Objectives – Process -Importance -Making MBO
effective- Management by Exception.
Decision Making – Stages – Importance. Types of decision – Problem

UNIT III :                                                                              12 Hrs.
Organisation-Principles-Process – Types of Organisation – Line,
Line & Staff, Functional, Committees, Project, Matrix-
Organization Structure -Organisation Chart -Organisation
Manual -Authority-Power -Delegation of Authority –
Decentralization of authority – Span of Management.
Staffing-Meaning-significance. Leadership – Meaning- Qualities
– Styles of Leadership – Motivation – Meaning – Process -Morale –
Communication – Meaning – Process.

UNIT IV :                                                                          12 Hrs.
Coordination – Need – Principles of Coordination, Control and
Control Process, Control Methods, Management Audit, Case study.
Emerging trends in Management.
SWOT, KAIZEN, TQM (Concept), MIS (Concept), ISO (concept),
Change Management (Concept)


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