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                        PRINCIPLE OF MANAGEMENT

Chapter– 1 : Nature and functions of management:        10 Hrs.
Nature and functions of management- Evolution of management
thought -Contribution of F.W. Taylor and
Henry Fayrol.

Chapter– 2 : Planning and Decision Making:                    10 Hrs.
Planning -nature and importance of planning -planning process –
Types of plans – managerial decision making-
significance of decision
making -scientific decision making
process -guide lines for effective
decision making – group
decision making.

Chapter– 3: Organising:                                                       10 Hrs.
Principles of organisation – types of organisation structure – Line
organisation – Functional organisation – Line and
staff organisation –
their merits and demerits – Delegation
of authority – meaning and
benefits of delegation -barriers
to effective delegation-guidelines
for making effective
Chapter – 4: Staffing:                                                            10 Hrs.
Concept and importance of staffing -recruitment and selection-
concept of recruitment and selection -sources
of recruitment –
selection process-training and
development -importance and methods
of training-
Performance appraisal-meaning and objectives.

Chapter– 5: Direction:                                                         10 Hrs.
Meaning and elements of direction – Controlling – meaning and
importance of controlling – control techniques (brief
discussion only) –
Communication – concept of
communication – communication process
– types of
communication -barriers in communication – essentials of
effective communication.

Chapter – 6: Motivations and leadership:                          10 Hrs.
Concept and importance of motivation – Theories of motivation
– Maslow’s need hierarchy theory – Herzberg’s
hygiene theory
– McGregor’s theory X and Y – Leadership
qualities – leadership
styles (Autocratic, Democratic and
Free – rein leadership)


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