Business Ethics – Vidyadhara Hegde S.

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                                                                          BUSINESS ETHICS

MODULE I                                                                                                   12 HOURS
BUSINESS ETHICS – Meaning of ethics, Nature of ethics, Objectives of ethics, Sources of ethics, Types of ethics, Meaning and definitions of business ethics, Objectives of business ethics, Nature of business ethics, Characteristics of business ethics, Need for business ethics, Importance of business ethics, Factors influencing business ethics. Functions of business ethics, Ethical theories. Managing ethics in business, Ethics in functional areas of business, Ethical Dilemma in organizations, Ethics in global business, Values, Norms, Beliefs, Virtues, Morality, Moral standards.

MODULE II                                                                                                   12 HOURS
CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Meaning & Definition of CSR, History & evolution of concept of CSR. Concept of Charity, Corporate philanthropy, Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate
Citizenship, Sachar Committee’s Suggestions; Arguments for and against Corporate Social responsibility CSR-an overlapping concept. Concept of sustainability & Stakeholder Management. CSR through triple bottom line and Sustainable Business; relation between CSR and Corporate governance; environmental aspect of CSR;
Chronological evolution of CSR in India; Models of CSR in India, Carroll’s model; Drivers of CSR; Major codes on CSR; CSR Initiatives in India. CSR legislation in India.


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