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                                                                               BUSINESS LAW
UNIT I : Introduction                                                                                                                                08 HOURS
Meaning of Law, Meaning of Mercantile Law, Sources of Mercantile Law, Indian Contract Act 1872 – Meaning of contract, Essentials of a valid contract, Classification of Contract based on Validity, Creation and Performance.

Unit II : Offer, Acceptnce, Consideration, Contractual Capacity                                                    12 hours
Offer – Meaning, Legal Rules and Termination,Acceptance – Meaning, and Legal Rules Lawful Consideration – Meaning Legal Rules, Privity of Contract (stranger to contract) with Exceptions.Exceptions to the rule no consideration no contract’ Capacity to Contract – Persons Disqualified from Contracting, Effects of Minor’s Agreements.

Unit III : Free Consent, Lawful Object and Contingent Contract                                                      12 hours
Free Consent – Meaning and Essentials of coercion, Undue influence, Fraud and misrepresentation, Mistake – Mistake of Law, Mistake of fact, Bilateral and Unilateral Mistake (Meaning),Lawful Object – Meaning, Agreements Opposed to Public Policy, Wagering Agreements Contingent Contract – Meaning and Rules, Distinction Between Wager and Contingent Contract.

Unit IV : Quasi contract, Discharge of Contract and Remedies for the Breach of Contract 10 hours
Quasi Contract – Meaning and Circumstances,Discharge of contract – Meaning and Various Modes of Discharge ,Remedies for the Breach of Contract – Various Remedies Available for the Aggrieved party.

Unit V : Special Contracts                                                                                                                               08 hours
Contract of Indemnity – Meaning and Essentials Only, Contract of guarantee – Meaning, Essentials, Rights of Surety and Discharge of Surety Distinction between Indemnity and Guarantee,Contract of Bailment – Meaning and Essentials, Duties of Bailor and Bailee,Contract of Pledge – Meaning and essentials, Distinction between Bailment and Pledge,Contract of Agency – Meaning, rights and Duties of Agent only.

Unit VI : Contemporary issues in Business Law                                                                                     10 hours
Right to information Act, 2005 – Meaning of information, Right to Information. Need for Right to Information,Public Information – Request for obtaining Information, Grounds for Rejection of Information,Central Information
Commission – Constitution and Powers,Information Technology Act – Purpose and Significance. Cyber Crimes – Types of Crimes, Nature and Punishment, Intellectual Property Law – Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Industrial Design.

The relevant legal point, facts and the judicial decision relating to
the following 10 case laws are to be dealt with :
i. Balfour Vs Balfour
ii. Carlill Vs Carbolic Smoke Ball Company
iii. Durgaprasad Vs Baldeo
iv. Nash Vs Inman
v. Ranganayakamma Vs Alwar Chetty
vi. Derry Vs Peak
vii. Planche Vs colburn
viii. Hadley Vs Baxandale
ix. Harvey Vs. Facie
x. Felthouse Vs Bindley



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